December 10, 1995

Fitness pioneer Clark Hatch acquires a two month old Beagle that he names Buster. "I was quite embarrassed that every park that we wanted to run through or exercise in had a sign that prohibited animals. I thought that there certainly must be someplace where the people can be welcome to take their dogs. Buster inspired me to create a place where people and dogs off leash could socialize and play together."


Clark Hatch begins research into  if and where such places exist on the mainland. He discovered that several dog parks had opened in California, Oregon and Washington. Clark collected as much data as possible on the places, rules and regulations, and how they were established.

November 21, 1996

Clark sends his first letter to the Department of Land & Narural Resources inquiring about some vacant and unused State land located on the comer of 18th Avenue & Diamond Head Road. This begun the process of an exchange of letters, additional application forms, meetings, etc.

September 8, 1997

State Representative Barbara Marumoto sends a letter to the Chairperson of the DLNR in support of Clark's application for use of the State land for an off-leash dog park.

September 18, 1997

Based on Clark Hatch's presentation, the Waialae/Kahala Neighborhood Board voted in favor of the dog park plan and sent a letter of support to the DLNR.

November 10, 1997

The  Star-Bulletin printed a feature article by Harold Morse titled "Pet Park planned on Fort Ruger land''. The well-written article helped earn more support for Clark's efforts to open a dog park.

December l, 1997

The news magazine  Pets 'n People in Paradise printed a feature article by Lyn Danninger titled "Leader of the pack." "Clark Hatch decided what Honolulu's canine population needs is a good workout." This article helped gain more support for the park.

February 1998

Toe state DLNR issues a revocable permit to Clark Hatch to use abut 1 Ā½ acres of State land for an off-leash dog park. The land is located on the comer of 18th Avenue and Diamond Head Road adjacent to the Hawaii Memorial Park Cemetery and the American Red Cross building.

March 1998

Clark Hatch forms a company, People & Pet Park Inc., for the sole purpose of operating Bark Park. The corporate officers are: Clark Hatch, President, Don Severson, Vice President & Secretary, and Linda Smiley Bim, Esq., Treasurer. The corporation is established and registered in the State of Hawaii. It's established to be a non-profit corporation to be used to raise funds for the opening and ongoing operation of the dog park.

April 1998

Vol. 1, No. I, the first "Bark Park News" newsletter was published.

April 1998

A meeting was held to select a name for the dog park. The overwhelming majority of the people who attended the meeting chose the name Bark Park.  Rules and regulations for users of Bark Park were drafted based on mainland off leash dog park rules. These were reviewed by counsel, then. the Hawaiian Humane Society and the DLNR, and then adopted by People & Pet Park Inc., and prominently posted on the Bark Park bulletin board.

May 1998

The DLNR approved the application by People & Pet Park Inc. to put up a 4 ft perimeter fence around Bark Park. Upon approval of DLNR an application was submitted to the City & County of Honolulu Permitting Department for permission to install the fence, which was approved and a permit was issued.

Pacific Fence installed the fence at a cost of $10,800. Clark Hatch and a group of supporters paid for the fence

May 9, 1998

The IRS approves People & Pet Park lnc.'s application as a tax exempt, non profit foundation 501 ( c) (3)

June 1, 1998

Clark Hatch makes an application to DLNR to re-issue the revocable permit to People & Pet Park Inc. The Land Board approves this request and the permit is issued in the corporate name.

August 1998

People & Pet Park Inc. applies to the Board of Water for a water meter and to be connected to the city water system. The cost of the meter was $5,000, payable in installments from Bark Park donations.

People & Pet Park Inc. also applied to Diamond Head Memorial Cemetery for use of some of their irrigation water to be used for irrigation of the lower half of Bark Park. This was approved by their directors.

October 17, 1998

An opening ceremony was held at Bark Park. Reverend William Kaina blessed the park, as well as the attendees and their dogs. Representative Barbara Marumoto gave a congratulatory speech.

December 12, 1998

The first of many parties was held at Bark Park. It was a Xmas party potluck with door prizes, Santa Claus and a pet costume contest.

January 1999

Clark Hatch who laid the ground work for Hawaii's first off-leash dog park was presented with the Helen Kinau Wilder award & plaque by the Hawaiian Humane Society.

January 16, 1999

The water sprinkler system is installed. Most of the digging labor was done by volunteers who use Bark Park. The system provided by Rainmaker Inc. cost $4,300 which was paid from Bark Park donations.

February 15, 1999

The Star-Bulletin features another article about Bark Park titled "Puppies and pet owners frolic at popular pooch park"

February 27, 1999

Volunteers plant Hibiscus along Diamond Head Road in front of the fence. Plants were donated by Ray Wong and Gail Nakasone.

March 1999

A new drinking fountain for people and dogs is installed. The fountain was donated by Frances Wimberly Ehrman and Lee and Kelly Wimberly in honor of Carl E. Wimberly, Jr.

March 1999

Gov. Benjamin J. Cayetano presents Clark Hatch with a commendation certificate as the everyday hero, animal friend category, honored by the American Red Cross.

March 1999

The March newsletter pays tribute to the volunteers who help with much of the work needed to get Bark Park operational. At the head of the list is Frances Takaba who has volunteered for every clean up and daily duties such as refilling the litter containers. She's been the de facto volunteer manager of Bark Park ever since. Other prominent volunteers recognized included: Dave Smith, Jim Harris, Gail Nakasone and Clark Hatch.

May 18, 1999

"Park the Pooch", another article is featured in the Star-Bulletin about Bark Park with a feature photo of Hillarie Hamilton

July 1999

The first of many Bark Park "clean ups" was conducted. Work such as trimming trees, planting grass, picking up rocks, etc. is performed by volunteers. The first Bark Park souvenir T-shirts are made and sold as a fundraiser for Bark Park.

September 1999

An enclosure for small dogs is set up in Bark Park. The first list of Bark Park's annual patron sponsor donors is published: Ray Wong, Jim Harris, DennisĀ· Look, Christine Valles, and Haughton, RCMR Ltd., Clark Hatch, Suzanne Wong, Robert Heath, Hillarie Hamilton, Lynda Kerwin and Fred Bodkin are on the list.

January 2000

The Bark Park Rangers were formed. These volunteers spend time at Bark Park to foster a cordial social interaction amongst people and their dogs, and to remind park users about the rules and regulations. The Rangers went through a dog behavior orientation which was sponsored by Sirius Puppy Training Inc. The Bark Park users who volunteered to be rangers at this time were: Robert Heath, Chris Valles, Frances Takaba, Hillarie Hamilton, Ed Kuramoto and Clark Hatch. Also soon to join the rangers were: Susan Ballard, David Gray, Gail Nakasone and Julie Tanabe. Robert Heath became the coordinator.

May - June 2000

New additions to the Patrons' Club annual donors included: David Gray, Aiko Kameya, Larry & Gayle Jitchaku, Dr. Richard Moore, and Donald & Fran Fancher. A Y2K-9 souvenir T-shirt commemorating the year 2000 was made, and sold as a fund raiser for Bark Park.

August 2000

Bark Park home page was established for internet users. Visit The page was done by Yuji Fukumori.

February 2001

Bark Park Patrons' Club annual donors list grows with Myra Wakuzawa, Michael Fergus, Calvin & Cynthia Chun and David Smith being added.

August 2001

Bark Park Patrons' Club annual donors receives donations from David Harworth, William F. Moore, Jr., Scott & Phyllis Miller and a very generous donation from Daryl Chang.

September 15, 2001

A charity lunch was held at Bark Park to raise funds for the park.

February 2002

A new Bark Park T-shirt design is made for sale as a fund raiser.

October 27, 2002

The Honolulu Advertiser featured an article titled "Play by the rules, have fun in the park" in which Clark Hatch shares his top 10 tips for playing in an offleash park.

November - December 2002

Bark Park News featured a profile of Hillarie Hamilton. She agreed to become the Bark Park Ranger coordinator. Robert Heath bowed out due to ill health.


Additions to patron sponsors group include: Anne Rauh and Eileen Uchima.

July - August 2003

Bark Park News featured an article expressing appreciation and mahalo to the Bark Park Rangers.

November - December 2003

The first agility course for dogs to be held at Bark Park is completed.

March - April 2004

People & Pet Park Inc., dba. Bark Park receives a generous donation of $3,000 from "The Patterson Family Foundation" as well as from Daryl Chang in memory of his beloved Kuma.


Mahalo to our 2005 patron sponsors and our Bark Park Rangers. Also to the volunteers who help maintain Bark Park.